* - 9 years of international training
* - served Central Alberta since 1986
* - a very high success rate

The clinic is closed.

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"We treat the person that has the disease, not the disease that has the person."

"With a heavy heart, we want to break the news of Ken's passing on April 2, 2020. His aortic valve which was replaced three years ago became infected and he passed at the Mazankowski Institute in Edmonton. There were no warning signs, he was still working and playing pickleball up until one week prior to going to the hospital. It was always hard for him to retire fully; His passion was his work, and his life was dedicated to helping others. On April 10, 2020 he was cremated in Red Deer and a virtual celebration of life was conducted for immediate family members. Ken was always so humble and uncomplicated. Instead of a formal gathering his final wish was to be sent off with a 49 day Buddhist practice completed by his wife Paulina, and his two daughters Amanda and Angie. We are so fortunate that we could give him the proper send off he deserves during this time. Ken had a last message he wanted to send out to his patients and staff. He shared this with us before he passed:

"I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to provide Acupuncture services for over 25,000 adults, teens and children in Alberta and from other provinces/countries, ranging as far as China, Denmark, Russia, US, Mexico, and much more during my 34 years of practice. Those that know me, know how I had been driven by my passion for my holistic profession. The fact that I spent more time at the office and Kung Fu studio than I did at home is both a source of pride and a source of regret for me. I want to extend a huge thank you to so many people who contributed to the success of my practice, starting with my wife Paulina and daughters, Amanda and Angie. Without their understanding and support I would not have had the time and energy to deliver my passion at the office / Kung Fu studio day in and day out. During the 34 years of practice I was blessed with fabulous team members, including several who were with us for a decade or more: Len & Jeri Preuter, Paulina, Heather(late), Lori, who worked with us for more than a decade. The loyalty of these people to me and to our practice is indeed remarkable and likely unheard of in this day and age. It is said that in a small business, the staff are the heart and the soul of it, and these people were certainly that for us."
- Dr. Kenneth Wu

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