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"We treat the person that has the disease, not the disease that has the person."

Dr. Kenneth Wu has:

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* - served Central Alberta since 1986

* - a very high success rate

Dear patrons and patients of the Acupuncture Clinic,

Since I was young, I had been putting off an aortic valve replacement in the hopes that newer technology would advance to replace my valve more efficiently. Unfortunately my condition was getting worse over the past few years and I could no longer hold out. I finally gave in and opted for the open heart surgery as my doctor recommended for the past 50 some years.

I didn’t tell many of my friends and most of my patients as I was not sure of the outcome after my major open heart surgery.

It is exactly one month from today that I had the surgery done, and I am pleased to say that the recovery is going well. I have even slowly started trying to get back into my work. Thank you to my loyal patients who have stayed with me during my longest absence from my Acupuncture Clinic in 30 years. I am very excited to be back to share my passion of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine with you all.

Although I feel that the recovery is still long and challenging, I am very thankful for this opportunity of getting a second chance in life. There is no way of expressing my gratefulness to the surgical team and nurses that were there for my journey. I welcome all my past patients and new patients to visit me as I begin my second life at my Acupuncture Clinic.

Many thanks and love for your support,

Dr. Kenneth Wu
June 17, 2017

A no-charge Acupuncture Health and Wellness workshop video by Dr. Wu is available for viewing on this website. This workshop explains how and why Acupuncture works, including an amazing demonstration on how Acupuncture points affect your energy flow.
To view the video, please click on the link above. You will need to contact the clinic office to obtain the login information that will be required when you click on the link.

"We treat the body as a whole; physically, emotionally, and biochemically"


#4, 5116 - 52 Street, Red Deer, AB
(403) 343-0355

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