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"I came to Dr. Wu's clinic with my health in a bad shape, after more than 6 months of chronic hives, angioedema and often viral infections. At the time I started treatment I was allergic to almost anything, and I was taking antihistamines and corticosteroids on a daily basis. After the acupuncture treatment performed by Dr. Wu, as well as the herbal cleansing treatment, my general health has substantially improved, and I don't take any of the above-mentioned pills. Thank you Ken!"

"I have had back trouble all of my life having been born with a crooked spine. Since going for Acupuncture treatment it has helped relieve quite a bit of the pain and I am able to sleep better at night without any pain."
E. B.

"I cannot believe that only six months ago I was suffering from massive migraines, as I had for most of my adult life. I can only thank Dr. Wu from the bottom of my heart, I truly feel like its been a miracle having been introduced to him. Only someone who suffers from migraines as I had can relate to what I'm saying."
C. J.

"As a result of a auto accident in 1972, I suffered eight fractured and three crushed vertebras. A spinal fusion was performed in June of 1976. Although the operation was a success ... a nagging lower back pain was ever present. After 7 treatments I noticed there was absolutely no more lower back pain. It was completely gone. Pain killers are now a thing of the past. I still find this quite unbelievable. Thanks Ken.
S. B.

"I was on crutches, no control over my right leg. Not very mobile." After Acupuncture treatments: "Control of right leg so I was able to walk again. Eventually able to walk without crutches or canes."
R. W.

"Prior to coming to the Centre I had significant difficulties with digestion. In particular, heartburn and gastrointestinal trouble. Following a cleansing diet, several Acupuncture treatments, and learning Tai Chi has helped reduce my digestion problems. The cleansing diet appears to have made the largest impact. My flexibility has improved considerably from Tai Chi."
M. W.

"General fatigue and very poor health due to stress." After Acupuncture treatments: "Overall health and energy levels have improved considerably."
L. L.

"Osteoporosis, fragile bones, nerve endings pinched causing severe muscle spasms, candida, chronic infections, extreme fatigue. Wheelchair diagnosis." After treatments: "Have had no infections or colds since treatment began. Bone structure deterioration lessened to a great degree. Spasms at much longer intervals and attacks are of shorter duration. No sign of a wheelchair, and no intention of one."
L. D.

"Prior to treatment by Dr. Wu, I had felt I exhausted my search to regain the health I once had. I have, over the last ten years suffered a knee injury, a continuous back problem, and severe tendinitis in both arms. During this time I also was plagued with joint related problems and had to cut out all extra physical activities. As of this writing I have had only three treatments, and my mobility in my neck has increased and the pain has diminished a great deal. The continuous pain that I have had in my back has faded to barely discernable levels. My overall health has improved along with my attitude towards life."
G. B.

"S. was in a motor vehicle accident. He was not supposed to walk, talk or eat on his own. He is doing all of these today."
D. S.

"Back and neck pain - very tight and sore muscles and shoulder. Severe migraine headaches from pain." After treatments: "No pain or stiffness or inflammation. No headaches. More movement and more flexibility. My back has not felt as good as it does now since before my car accident seven years ago."
Y. M.

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Sept. 1990. Symptoms - very tired - aches in arms, neck, shoulder, numbness in arms and legs at times - throbbing in back of neck - tingling arms and legs, stiffness. I began Tai Chi in Jan. 1992. I have more energy now and don't tire as easily. I began Acupuncture treatments in May 1992 and I feel that the treatments have helped me a great deal as I just feel better during the last year. I am not on any medication and fell really positive as I am able to see changes since Jan. 1992."
J. C.

"Had a herniated disc for 4 months. Pain down right leg - could not sit without pain. Needed to be on painkillers & anti-inflammatories. Pain was gone after 3 treatments. Noticeable improvement about 2 days after first treatment."
B. M.

"Walked on crutches for 5 months. Doctors didn't know what was wrong with me, and referred me to a chiropractor which only worsened condition. Took treatment upon myself to see Acupuncturist. 5 treatments done the trick. Pinched sciatica nerve. Now come only when needed."
S. C.

"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1997. I was in such pain that I was eating a super sized bottle of Advil in 4 days. I went through a multitude of different ideas and treatments to find a small amount of relief from the constant pain. I went to see an Herbalist, Jeri, who works out of Dr. Wu's Clinic and she suggested that I see him. Dr. Wu said that he couldn't cure me but that I would get relief from treatments. I noticed relief after the first treatment that lasted for a couple days. After the third treatment I noticed that I was returning for another session and I didn't have pain. After several treatments I have now been virtually pain-free for a year. Thank you Dr. Wu."
D. M.


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