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Personal Growth Workshops

Dr. Kenneth Wu has done numerous media presentations through television (CFRN, CFCN and Shaw Cable TV), radio (CKGY and CKRD), as well as many workshops/seminars locally (Novacor, Quinn and AGT), and internationally (Toronto, Houston, China and Hong Kong) . He is the author of Basics of Tai Chi and Basics of Acupuncture and currently hosts numerous workshops and seminars on various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy ranging from hour long lectures to multi-day workshops.

Dr. Wu encourages people to assume responsibility for their own health through the practical application of Traditional Chinese and other ancient Eastern philosophies that emphasize the holistic nature of the mind and body. Dr. Wu's informational and hands-on workshops and seminars teach people numerous techniques on how to manage physical and mental stress, so they may enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle at home and on the job.


Qi Gong is specifically designed to cultivate the body's vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. It's a gentle "moving meditation" that releases tension, cultivates energy, and helps connect you to your own inner sense of balance and harmony. Although the body is moving, the mind remains centered, creating a dynamic balance between tranquility and internal strength.

This beginner program, taught by Dr. Wu, strengthens the entire body by following the natural flow of energy in the body. You'll learn the energy flow theories, how to increase the energy flow, and enjoy a series of Qi Gong meditations that will restore your internal balance.

The goal of Qi Gong is to heal yourself as well as the ability to heal other people while maintaining good health through harmony between the spirit, body and mind. This is accomplished by the combined application of Qi Gong and traditional Acupuncture techniques. Qi Gong also includes the study of preventative medicine featuring improved fitness and anti-aging.

Other personal growth workshops included:

Chi Kung
Facial Diagnosis
Palm Diagnosis
Feng Shui


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